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A few months ago, my wife and I visited Morocco for the first time and fell in love with it instantly. We spent 10 days there and tried to absorb as much as we can of Moroccan culture, tradition and its landscape. Given that it was our first time, we hit some of the well know cities and towns but vowed to go back and experience non tourist destinations next time around. 

I hope this gives an idea to plan your stay in Morocco. Click on the names for more information & tips.

Day 1

Rabat, the capital of Morocco with its administrative charm and imperial french architecture is a good first stop for anyone intending to travel around the country.

    Day 2-4

    M a r r a k e c h

    Marrakech is everything you imagined and more! It kidnaps you with its colours and smells in to a world unknown, but don't worry though, you will come out with life long memories and would have had some fun along the way.

      Day 5

      A i t  B e n h a d d o u

      A 1000 year old UNESCO heritage site with stories from trade routes between the Sahara and Marrakech! Must. Visit.

      Day 6,7

      S a h a r a ( M e r z o u g a )

      Stuff that dreams made of. Imagine waking up in a tent, walking out to find some freshly brewed mint tea, a bunch of dromedaries chilling in the shade, a beautiful display of moroccan breakfast set out and a gentle breeze welcoming a new day.. yeah, exactly.. dreamland!

      Day 8-10

      F e s

      I don't know where to start; Fes is our favourite town in Morocco hands down. Food was spectacular and people, more so. If there is only one place you could visit in Morocco, visit Fes.

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