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Aperture Triangle heaven!

Aperture Triangle heaven!

So, it's been a little over month since I made my acquaintance with a Fujifilm X-T2 and 16-55mm f/2.8 setup and I thoroughly love it. Having said that, there is still room for improvement.

Things I love:
Autofocus - It is super snappy and those 325 focal points increases your options of getting just the right focus you like

EVF - while it's incredibly advantageous to see how a shot's going to look like before you click the shutter; a 60fps refresh rate (100fps in beast .. I mean boost mode), a 0.77x magnification and the fact that you can look through your shots in the view finder and zoom if necessary without having to worry about bright light conditions makes it a winner. 

Weather Resistance (WR) - Used this camera in temperatures up to -4 C and in rain - works just fine (Note: I use a 16-55mm f2.8 lens which is also weather sealed)

Joystick - this comes in super handy and it's intuitive to use that it became my main choice for choosing focus points, scrolling through shots or even menu switching

Dials (ISO, Shutter, Exp Comp and aperture ring) - Everyone is raving about the dials in this camera (ISO, Shutter, Exposure Compensation and aperture ring in the lens) and I understand why. Using this camera is infinitely more fun because of these dials and that physical interaction is bound to bring more dialogue in a photographer-camera relationship. Lock buttons on the top of ISO and shutter dials means that you don't have to worry about accidentally changing them

Shutter speed dial, Exposure compensation dial and other delicious buttons ;)

Shutter speed dial, Exposure compensation dial and other delicious buttons ;)

Dual card slots - for light shooters, a dual slot is not mandatory but if you shoot bracketed or RAW and JPEG at the same time, it helps to have a second card. You can change how you want the second card to be used i.e. sequential, Raw + JPEG, Pictures + Video, except when shooting a video recording stops when first card is filled up and you have to start the recording again to continue shooting on to second card. Maybe this could be fixed in an update

Focus peaking - I love it. Shooting manual is definitely made easy and fun

Battery - it is advertised that you can get around 350 shots but that is if you use flash and some other functions (to the camera's full extent); on a regular use (mostly natural light, shooting RAW plus Fine JPEG) I got about 650 shots with 20% battery left - I'd say that's pretty good.

Software updates - I have updated my camera twice since I got it and every time it's brought in real improvements. Recent update allows faster autofocus!!

Things to improve:
Metering and Drive dials - these are located as part of the Shutter and ISO dials respectively and they are small and sometimes difficult to use - usually when wearing gloves. Given that this is designed to be weather resistant and used under relatively colder temperatures, it becomes impossible to use these dials with gloves on.

Play back button - almost all the cameras I've seen/used have this on the right side where your thumb could reach it. It being on the left here is annoying. May not be hard to get used to, but still annoying. However, there's two dedicated function buttons on the right (one in front and one back) and you can assign one of them to playback if you wish. I have.

No dedicated video record button - Currently, you have to change the drive dial to video setting and then press the shutter button. Not sure if Fuji have done it this way for a technical reason, but I would prefer a dedicated video button.

Inbuilt TimeLapse - Not all cameras have it, I think the only flagship to have this is canon 1D, not sure about Nikon. It would be a great addition to an already feature packed camera!

ISO Dial, drive dial, playback and delete buttons

ISO Dial, drive dial, playback and delete buttons

In conclusion, I love this camera, and if some of the above improvements could be dealt with, I think this would be the best APS-C sensor camera out there, including DSLRs.