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Jema El-Fña square, Marrakech

Jema El-Fña square, Marrakech

Marrakech looks just like any other modern city, with your regular high street fast foods, shopping centres, big beautiful train stations etc., until you get to the Medina. It's a whole other adventure in the Medina. 

We were lucky to stay in the medina and wake up to the bustle of souks every morning. From 4 Dirham Orange Juice to a 40000 Dirham leather floor carpet, you can buy anything you want at any budget you have. Not to mention the wonderful variety of spices and teas that tantalise your senses as you walk through the souks. Walking through Medina takes you back a few centuries. It is hard not to stop by every store to admire the colours and products on display. Having said that, if you are not familiar with the art of bargaining, you might have a tough time getting used to the number of people that come up to you trying to sell something. 

Food: Lamb Tagine is a must try. But the taste varies depending on where you eat. There are overpriced cafes all over medina and some of them have good food. Nomad cafe has good food but quite expensive. There's a lesser know cafe, Shtatto, with stunning views of medina and good food, not as expensive as Nomad. For sunset views with decent mint tea, check out Le grand balcon du café glacier. Fruit juices are cheap and fresh, pastries in small shops are made fresh on a daily basis and are cheap and delicious. 

If you are staying in Marrakech for more than a couple of days like we did, do some day trips out. Some of the day trip destinations include Ourika Valley, Ait Ben-haddou,  Ouarzazate, Imlil & Atlas mountains and Ouzoud waterfalls.

Places to see:

  • Souks
  • Bahia Palace
  • Koutoubia Mosque
  • Ourika Valley
Souks, Koutoubia, Mint tea at Le Grand Balcon du café Glacier, Ourika Valley

Souks, Koutoubia, Mint tea at Le Grand Balcon du café Glacier, Ourika Valley


  • Don't photograph anyone without their permission, especially performers on the streets - otherwise, it will be difficult to leave without paying whatever they demand
  • Do try local produce - it's cheap and fresh
  • Do haggle, as most of the products in the souks are marked up for tourists - but be respectful, know what you are willing to pay and be ready to walk away politely if your demands aren't met
  • Try to use public transports when travelling outside Marrakech on day trips - it's cheap and provides for great experiences!

Next up, Ait Ben-Haddou!

After spending three days in Marrakech, we took a bus to Ouarzazate on to our next adventure! Click here to find out more about the next leg of our journey. Sneak-peek of our road trip through atlas mountains below...

Views from the bus, enroute Ouarzazate!

Views from the bus, enroute Ouarzazate!

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