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Probably our favourite place in Morocco. Everything felt more authentic and less touristy. Fes is also the cultural capital and people there are proud of it. To top that, there is a healthy experimental food culture and an authentic moroccan food experience in every corner.

We stayed at Dar Finn, and could not have been happier with our choice. The service was impeccable, and we also learnt that the employees here are treated really well. They are also situated on a street parallel to the medina so you are close to all the good restaurants and the souks but just away from the bustle.  

What better way to experience Moroccan cuisine than to learn how to cook it! So we decided to immerse ourselves in a half-a-day cooking experience. Many restaurants and riads here offer this opportunity; we chose Riad Anata and truly enjoyed the experience. Chef Samara took us to the markets for some shopping then showed us how to make Chicken Tagine, Salad, a fried aubergine dish that we can't remember the name of (but it was delicious!) :) and some lovely dessert, all from scratch! Suffice to say it was a sumptuous meal and a memory for the books.


  • Al-Karaouine, the oldest functioning university in the world (non-muslims might not be allowed to enter)
  • Blue gate (if you are not staying in the Medina, take a day out to spend it there. Blue gate is one of the entrances to it)
  • Ruined Garden for great food 
  • Tanneries is a must visit 


  • Get a map of Medina and try to see it all by walking
  • Spend at least two days to experience this gem of a place
  • Try a cooking class
  • Buy some spices & a Tagine so you could bring a bit of Morocco with you :) 

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